In the overall sanitation and public health strategy, Fecal Sludge Treatment Plants with high sanitation and hygiene standards are essential to eliminate the risk of contact contamination with pathogens and to fight environmental pollution.

Delvic is committed to solving sanitation and wastewater management problems and is a recognized expert in the treatment of sludge, from collection to operation.

We are the first private African company that operates sludge treatment plants (FSTP’s) including the following nine FSTPs in Senegal, under the delegation of the National Office of Sanitation of Senegal (ONAS).

Dakar region

  • Niayes Station
  • Cambérène Station
  • Rufisque Station
  • Tivaouane Peulh Station

Diourbel region

  • Diourbel Station
  • Mbacké Station
  • Touba Station

Thiès region

  • M’Bour Station
  • Tivaouane Station

Our services cover the entire value chain of onsite sanitation from toilets, collection, emptying and transport, to treatment and recovery of sludge.

Transportation of fecal sludge

Delvic is helping to modernize the collection and transportation of sludge by working with a network of desludgers, emptying truck drivers and desludging service companies. We also offer training to these emptiers.

We also help customers secure a professional emptying service of their sludge pits and septic tanks in a fast and efficient way through our Call Center Service, which bridges populations with professional and equipped emptiers.

Upgrades to Fecal Sludge Treatment Plants

We have upgraded the existing stations to increase their capacity and improve their operation, and to do this we have developed new techniques with decanters, drying beds and an innovative flocculation technology adapted to fecal sludge.

Mobile Money’s implementation of disbursement fees makes it possible to extend the hours of service of Fecal Sludge Treatment Plants for a better service to the population.