Dr Bécaye Sidy DIOP, General Manager

“Smart solutions for sustainable sanitation” is our motto that inspires the development of our sanitation solutions, for customers, local communities, health and education institutions, households that trust us, and our technical and institutional partners. Our actions are guided by a deep understanding of the needs of our customers for their highest satisfaction, and surpass their expectations of innovation, support and advice, professionalism, and initiative.   We foster a team spirit among our employees, shareholders and suppliers to create the best possible value for our customers

DELVIC Sanitation Initiatives S.A. is a Senegalese company, specialized in the treatment and valuation of sludge. Our contribution and services encompass the entire value chain of onsite sanitation. Delvic Sanitation Initiatives was the first private African company to manage Fecal Sludge Treatment Plants (FSTPs), such as the ten FSTPs in Dakar, Thiès, and Diourbel regions of Senegal as part of a public private partnership (PPP) with the National Office of Sanitation of Senegal (ONAS).  Delvic Sanitation Initiatives is also the first global privately held African company selected by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to acquire and operate the “Sedron Technologies” Omniprocessor, a technological innovation that valorizes the treatment of fecal sludge and solid wastes by producing by-products such as electricity, water of excellent quality for industrial application and ashes to be used in agriculture and civil engineering.

To support our commercial viability, Delvic Sanitation Initiatives relies on its Research and Development Department to value the by-products of the Omniprocessor and the fecal sludge. The valuation and technologies of treatment of fecal sludge are the pillars of success of our company and the quality of our products resulting from productive and sustainable sanitation.

Through our expertise in the entire value chain of onsite sanitation, and our support -consulting, training, and engineering services, Delvic has become an African leader in productive sanitation, and a regional player of reference with an opening on the African continent to develop unique products and high value-added remediation solutions that meet environmental standards for businesses, government entities, and households.