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Agroecological recovery of faecal sludge: a circular economy model

The circular economy: This new environmental and social economic dynamic which allows the preservation of resources, the creation of jobs and innovation. “What is waste for one must become a resource for the other” In picture, a successful example of agro-ecological recovery of fecal sludge Pride for DELVIC

WeCo/DELVIC, an innovative partnership for Sustainable Flush Toilet and innovative sanitation solutions in African cities facing to lack of sewer network.

WeCo and DELVIC jointly won the European competition INNOWWIDE for their project in Senegal relating to the ‘installation of water-onsite sanitation toilets supplied with energy by photovoltaic panels. Delvic as a leader in the Senegalese on-site sanitation sector will support WeCo with its expertise on collection, treatment and valorization of faecal sludge from WeCo toilets. […]